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Census and Asset Inventory (CAI)

All potentially affected land owners and users identified during the update of the cadastre were visited by TAP’s contractors. Together, they conducted an asset inventory of land parcels, including any standing structures and crops. 

This survey is known as a Census and Asset Inventory (CAI) and includes interviews with land owners and users along the entire TAP route. Using a special questionnaire, the surveyors confirmed with the land owners and users the data for their parcels, crops, trees and other assets.

The data collected during the CAI formed the basis for calculating the amount of compensation for Project Affected People. Following the CAI process and after processing the collected data, TAP presented a written compensation offer to each owner and user, who were invited to review and sign voluntary agreements with TAP, before construction started. 

Socioeconomic Survey in Greece

A sample of the population was selected and interviewed to collect data for a socioeconomic database. This will be used as a basis for evaluating TAP’s contribution to livelihood development. 


Census and Asset Inventory in Greece

A Census and Asset Inventory (CAI) has been conducted in Greece to ascertain what exactly is affected by TAP for each parcel. 

This includes the identification of crops and buildings that are impacted by the project.

The specialist company QED in cooperation with MAKEDONIKI ETM EE undertook the survey on behalf of TAP.