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2009 News stories


L’Agefi newspaper: TAP is increasingly attractive

30 December 2009

L’Agefi, a Swiss financial newspaper, published an article “At the heart of the gas war” describing the challenging situation in the Southern Gas Corridor and prospects of pipeline projects including Trans Adriatic Pipeline, Nabucco and South Stream.

Minister Driftan Prifti: TAP is of great importance to the Albanian economy

15 December 2009

Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy of Albania, once again confirmed that his government fully supports the TAP project and called it one of the most important investment projects between Albani and Turkey.

The TAP project presents to key Italian media in Brindisi

3 December 2009

This week TAP held a press conference with key Italian media in Brindisi. The objective was to provide local stakeholders with an overview of the route refinement process.

European Commission issues payment to TAP following successful submission of studies

1 December 2009

The European Commission has awarded the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) project the final payment of a grant it applied for in 2005. This is the second time the TAP project has received payment of a grant from the European Union, following the successful submission of a number of studies. The first grant for TAP was approved in 2005 for the initial Feasibility Studies of the pipeline.

TAP sponsors conference of the Institute of Energy for South-East Europe

23 November 2009

The TAP project was amongst the sponsors of the Conference organized by the Institute of Energy for South-East Europe (IENE) in Athens on the 9-13th of November.

TAP corrects Nabucco cost estimates for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline

17 November 2009

Robert Klein, Managing Director for TAP responds to RWE’s press release issued on 16.11.2009, saying “TAP’s total pipeline length is 520km. In addition, TAP will use existing pipeline infrastructure to transport gas from wellhead to market. As a result and when calculated accurately, TAP’s tariff, as well as its total cost of transport, would be lower than a 3300km new build pipeline such as Nabucco.”

Italian Undersecretary for Foreign Affairs and Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum & Energy discuss TAP

11 November 2009

As reported by the Italian media on 11 November 2009, Alfredo Mantica, the Italian Under Secretary for Foreign Affairs, visited the Ministry of Petroleum & Energy in Norway on 11 November to discuss, among other things, the Southern Gas Corridor issues and pipeline projects such as the Trans Adriatic Pipeline.

Greece’s Deputy Minister of Energy, Environment & Climate Change meets TAP

5 November 2009

The recently formed Ministry of Energy, Environment & Climate Change in Greece issued a statement to the press on 4 November 2009, announcing that the Deputy Minister for Energy, Mr. Giannis Maniatis, had met representatives of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline project. At the meeting, TAP updated Mr. Maniatis on the status and progress of the TAP project.

Turkey and Switzerland sign Memorandum of Understanding on gas transport

5 November 2009

The Swiss and Turkish governments made a joint statement on 5 November 2009 announcing that Turkey and Switzerland had signed a memorandum of understanding on the transfer of natural gas.

TAP sponsors the World Forum on Energy Regulation

27 October 2009

TAP was one of the sponsors of this major event that took place in October in Athens, Greece. In addition, the event was attended by the TAP’s Commercial Department, which is responsible for obtaining all necessary authorizations and project financing, as well as for developing the commercial terms of gas transportation for the TAP project.

First edition of TAP's electronic newsletter

19 October 2009

We are pleased to announce the publication of the first issue of e-News, the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) quarterly electronic newsletter.

TAP meets with Italian agencies & authorities to discuss pipeline route proposal

15 October 2009

TAP started meetings with Italian agencies & authorities in the Apulia region to discuss the TAP project and preferred pipeline route proposal, which avoids Natura 2000 areas.

TAP starts route assesment survey in Albania

2 July 2009

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline project started route assesment survey in Albania on 1st of July, 2009. The goal of the survey is to determine an optimal routing for the future pipeline and to avoid problematic areas.

TAP sponsors and presents at the “Developing European Gas Infrastructure” conference

26 June 2009

On the 25th of June, Robert Klein presented TAP project at the “Developing European Gas Infrastructure” conference, organized by Platts in Brussels.

TAP project participated as a presenter and sponsor at the 16th Caspian Oil and Gas Conference in Baku on the 3-4th of June

5 June 2009

Robert Klein, Managing Director of the TAP project, explained advantages of the new transportation alternative in the Southern Gas Corridor.

Statement from StatoilHydro regarding articles appearing in Greek media

15 April 2009

References made in articles on 14 April 2009, in the Greek media citing StatoilHydro’s apparent interest in the Poseidon project are incorrect.

Intergovernmental agreement between Albania and Italy: important milestone for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline project achieved

12 March 2009

On 10th of March governments of Italy and Albania signed an agreement on energy cooperation promoting interconnection and integration of electric energy and natural gas systems in both countries.

Albanian government: TAP project is of great strategic, political and economic importance

16 February 2009

Board of Directors and management of the TAP project held official meetings with representatives of the Albanian government on 11th of February in Tirana.

Marine Survey in the Adriatic Sea to Verify Offshore Route for TAP

22 January 2009

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline project is planning a seabed survey in the Adriatic Sea to start on the 26th of January to verify the route for the underwater section of the new gas pipeline. The offshore pipeline will have a diameter of 1.05 meter and a length of approximately 115 kilometres.