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Project progress

TAP is moving closer to completing the project construction phase. In preparation for the start of commercial operation and as part of the testing and commissioning phase, the TAP pipeline has been filled with natural gas from the Greek-Turkish border up to the compressor station in Fier, Albania.

At the end of August 2020, the TAP project was:

97.9% completed

Disclaimer: the above completeness percentage includes all engineering and procurement scope as well as the progress on the 12 pipeline construction steps onshore, the construction of above ground installations (block valve stations, compressor stations and pipeline receiving terminal) as well as offshore construction and pipeline installation. 

The map below shows progress across three key construction stages along TAP’s route: ROW clearing, pipe welding and backfilling of welded pipes lowered into the trenches.

Disclaimer: Please note that the coloured areas along TAP’s route are representative only. The information is updated on a quarterly basis.